Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Review of Rocket Singh –Salesman Of The year


Directed by Shimit Amin of Chak de and Ab tak chappan fame, this movie is unexpected in more than one ways. It is a very inspiring movie sans the preaching part.

Very realistic in its approach it strikes a chord with sensible audience. Definitely the movie is not for the masses but it has a lot to offer to the youth.

Fantastic casting and brilliant performances are another scoring point that makes the movie a serious connoisseur’s delight, but the real winner is the script.

The movie is mostly shot in the office keeping in mind the story and message. Background score is great and songs are noteworthy for the lyrics.

The director has not wavered from the simplicity in presenting this movie even for a minute. Right from the opening credits, where the camera lovingly lingers on the humble belongings of a typical middle class house, the audience is forewarned of a no nonsense straight from the heart movie. Everything about the movie has a real feel .For instance the office party where the staff drinks alcohol from the plastic cups, the unglamorised salesmen with austere settings and Ranbir’s character.

The story is simple and beautifully presented.Ranbir Kapoor works for a company where, he resents his unscrupulous boss’s ways and creates his own company within the office with the people from the same office. Havoc is created when this company poses a threat to the company they work for.

There are two heroes in this movie Ranbir and the script.Ranbir has done a fabulous job with the sardar get up.He looks authentic to the T.Right from combing his beard to tucking the turban ,he has got it perfect.Ranbir is compelling with his effortless sardar act and is proving to be a promising actor.Gauhar Khan as the resourceful receptionist,”Giri” Ranbir’s colleague, Mishraji the office Peon and “Nitin “as the shrewd sales head and also a part of Ranbir’s company are all brilliant.Mr Puri, Ranbir’s boss is very convincing as an unscrupulous hard core businessman.

The lengthy monologue rendered by Ranbir’s boss was the only sore point in this otherwise no nonsense movie, but nevertheless was necessary to drive home the point.

The message is loud and clear, Honesty and investing in people, rather than money shall reap fruitful results for any business.

It is a noble movie with nobler intentions and should not be missed. It isn’t one of those run of the mill movies where one conveniently leaves one’s brains behind. In fact it is a movie with a heart and a soul where the audience needs to apply all their faculties and take home a strong message. Whatever you do this weekend do not miss this movie.

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