Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review of Paa



Director R Balki,s debut movie Cheeni Kum seeked rave reviews for his portrayal of a mature love story.Paa his second movie is in the same league as far as thinking out of the box is concerned. He has done the unthinkable.Amitabh Bachhan who is known for his larger than life persona and baritone voice, has shed both. Imagine watching a movie with Amitabh bachhan in it, glaring with his inconspicuousness and the best part is that the audience doesn’t even realize it  .

The story is simple and simply told but it tugs at one’s heart instantly. The story is about a 13 year old boy Auro, who suffers from a rare congenital disease called Progeria. He lives with his gynaecologist mother, Vidya Balan and grandmother Arundhati naag. The life of Auro and his Mom takes an interesting turn when he meets his father. Abhishek and Vidya;s  sizzling romance  has bore this progeny, however Abhishek is oblivious of Auro’s existence . Abhishek, the righteous politician, incidentally meets Auro at School function and from then the movie is interwoven with a mix of emotions.

The movie is not a classical tearjerker. In fact it has funny moments like the telephonic conversation between Auro and his classmate, which has the entire audience rolling in laughter. Another funny moment is the conversation between Auro and his dad on the subject “Potty”. Not to forget Auro affectionately calling his grandmother BUM referring to her large posterior.

The climax scene where Auro refers to himself as his father’s mistake and the scene where Auro’s classmate renders apology is sure to make eyes moist. Although Paa is a movie with a tagline “A very rare father son, son father story”, it definitely is a story with poignant moments between mother and son too and thus appeals to all Paas and Maas. After the debacle of Aladdin where the only wish the audience had was to make the movie disappear, Paa is a welcome and heartwarming change .

The strength of the movie lies in brilliant performances by the entire cast and undoubtedly Auro’s portrayal by Amitabh Bachhan. Introduction of the cast and crew in a different manner by Jaya Bachhan gets the movie going on a high note and background score keeps the mood on. Whether the movie is a box office hit or not it yet again establishes Amitabh as an invincible actor.


  1. Hey Snehal...I haven't seen it yet...maybe this weekend...But after reading your reviews I have very high hopes of this film..I hope Mr. Bachhan and Mr Balki live up to my expectations when I come out of the theatre.

  2. I have yet to have a look at the movie,so I am keeping my comments reserved till then,your presentation is no doubt very much appriciable,keep writing and you will win over the readers heart.