Monday, July 19, 2010

Poster Prediction

I am a sucker for Bollywood movies both good and bad and its amazing how Bollywood has evolved in terms of technical aspects and the the other creative aspects except the script and storylines .There are a couple of movies that I would like to warn you about but that will be some other time. In this post I would like to share with you my new found pastime of predicting about the movie through posters.


This latest flick starring Himesh Reshammiya releases on Aug 6 2010. From the looks of it it appears Reshammiya has invested in a newer hairstyle which confirms his penchant to look as ugly as possible.In the background the female protagonist with the flowing loom of a cloth implies she is just there for a few fleeting moments. It could also mean that the nasal rendition of reshammiya’s vocal chords was too much for to bear so she took a back stepping.The ruins in the background suggest that Reshammiya will ensure that the sensible audience’s three hours are completely ruined.On a optimistic note the strap on Reshammiya ‘s shoulder may be a glimpse of a huge bag implying that he will pack his bags and leave 
and spare the viewers any more bad acting- singing -action rolled in to one performer(?) Reshammiya.




         This movie has already released on 16 th of july but I haven’t watched it and since I think the poster may have a  connection with the Kajraare poster I have decided to include this one in this article. The poster with the badass Sanjay dutt suggests that though there are other actors besides him but does that really matter .My interperetation of the poster is that Sunju Baba rules the movie and has maximum scenes.He is a bad guy complete with the latest ammunition and the unshaven look.The toothpick clenched between his lips compliments the badass look since the pastime of most badass guys in bollywood is to chew on toothpicks incessantly.the backdrop suggests that sunju baba is in the lonely desert maybe looking for Reshammiya before he signs another loser movie.



Alright this one has released too and after a huge delay for whatever reasons. That’s not important and will pose no problems in my discourse over my limited postergyaan .What I thought was interesting in this poster that it describes the real life situation of the protagonists .Even though they are forced by the nature of their jobs and their respective professionalism to complete this movie,they manage to convey it to the audience as well as each other that this is strictly professional and refuse to even look at each other .The backdrop of the city silhouette suggests that this movie is set in an urban environment
where the traffic situation may force the protagonists to tell each other irritably that “yaar traffic main phasa/phasi hoon . bola na Milenge milenge.”


           KHATTA  MEETHA                                                                                          

Releasing on 23rd July it is a typical Priyadarshan movie with a lot of people vying for space even on the poster.Trisha the female protagonist and southern movie starlet obviously has more scenes than most of the people in the background ,thus her presence is several places ahead of the supporting cast in the poster.Akshay Kumar ‘s recent idiotic movies have taken a toll on him too and he seems to hit himself with his umbrella in his last attempt to do something sensible with his life.I cannot see anything either khatta or meetha at least from the poster but I am really hoping for the viewers that the movie doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste after braving it for the stipulated two hours plus.



                                                ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI

 This one hits the theatre on 30th of July and is obviously about Mumbai.The protagonists are badguys with their thick mop of a hair as well as moustache and colour coordinated sunglasses with their respective mean machines.AjayDevgan looks his part of the man Bombay once feared but I am not so sure about Hashmi. He looks confused about whether to give the ferocious look or the seductive one and what results is a mixture of the two making him look like a fearsome serial kisser oops.... killer.

That’s all for now on poster prediction . Watch this space for more gyaan on posters.                                                     

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that you were correct on MY part of the stamp n doodle Halloween trivia. Please e-mail me at so that I can let Lynne know and she can give you your prize. Thanks again for playing. Sorry this was so late, I broke my foot late last week and have not been doing a whole lot.